Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why You Should Use Automagic Sync for Salesforce?


One of the key factors of success in sales is simply having an efficient workflow and maximizing results in the shortest time possible. We all heard about magical tricks for more sales, which somehow elude the basic principles of simplicity in the work processes. If you like doing things perfectly with no extra work in Salesforce, but are looking for other Salesforce ... Read More »

Narrow Down Your Tech Product Choice Before Buying

Narrow Down Your Tech Product Choice

When you go to market or prepare yourself for buying any tech products, it’s very important to choose the proper products with balanced functionality, good performance, cost, reliability and durability. If you have good idea about buying tech products then it will be easy for you to choose one. But in case of newbie in this sector will be in ... Read More »

Five Important Blogging Strategies To Follow

Five Important Blogging Strategies

With over 150 million blogs out there you need to make sure that your blog is the one people are going to visit. In order to do so and make the most efficient use of you time and effort you should follow these top five blogging strategies. Establish your blogging goals The first thing you need to be clear about ... Read More »

Internet of Things (IoT): Apple Versus Google

Internet of Things

Apple plainchant on a dedicated home automation platform or Internet of Things (IoT) says the Financial Times. Behind this term actually hides the ability for a user to control light, temperature, or all security systems home directly from their iPhone. The output of such software would bring fast the firm at the apple in the connected objects and it would ... Read More »

Samsung Acquired Streaming Video Service Provider Shelby.TV

Samsung Acquired Streaming Video Service Provider Shelby.TV

The start-up New York Shelby.TV announced on its blog about its acquisition by Korean electronics giant Samsung. The amount of the transaction is not disclosed. Founded in 2011, Shelby.TV offers a service compatible with YouTube video content, Vimeo, Hulu, Blip, and videos from social networks. Shelby.TV created a customized channel, and modeled as a function of user preferences. There are ... Read More »

Facebook Acquired Finnish Pryte Start-Up

Facebook Acquired Finnish Pryte Start-Up

As part of its project, Facebook has acquired Finnish Pryte start-up for an unknown amount in Tuesday, June 3. Founded in 2013, the Helsinki-based company develops web-mobile solutions to facilitate users in developing countries access to mobile applications. For this, it sells short access to mobile applications via short Internet access. Pryte consists of thirty employees under the direction of ... Read More »

Red Bull F1 Renault Engines May Replaced With Volkswagen

Volkswagen Logo

Formula 1, Red Bull is considering a replacement of its Renault engines of their cars, and one possibility is to switch to using engines of Volkswagen. Read More »

Sakshat – World’s Cheapest Laptop From India

Sakshat Laptop

To reduce the ‘digital divide’, the Indian government has set up an ambitious program of e -Learning for connecting 18,000 schools and 400 universities in the country. At the centre of this device, the “Sakshat”, an ultra-economical laptop whose prototype was presented last week. After the Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world, India attacks the computer and plans ... Read More »

New BitTorrent Sync Supports Desktop to Mobile Sharing

Bittorrent Sync Logo

BitTorrent Sync, BitTorrent tool that allows synchronization of files securely across different devices without relying on the cloud reaches version 1.3 with a number of improvements. From this release, users can now share your files and folders from your desktop to mobile devices and vice versa. But that’s not all, users of the Windows Phone mobile platform and have their ... Read More »

MS-DOS & MS-Word is Going to Took Place in Museum

MS-DOS in Box

It makes sense, but not what we expected, Microsoft has opened the trunk of memories and has put the source code for MS- DOS available worldwide with the help of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View California. Specifically they are the 1.1 and 2.0 versions of this operating system are graphic interface, just remember the veterans have used at ... Read More »

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